Monday, January 26, 2009


Good Morning Friends!!!

Last night, I had a breakthrough in my attempt to get this blog to go to Twitter!!!

There is so much for this old fossil to learn, however, just like being on a high from jogging and exercising, like Madonna's "Endorphin fix", I actually woke up this morning still feeling excited about learning about the workings of the internet and computers. Man, if I can do it, it must be easy for others who are timid about using this technology.
I remember when I was telling king W that computers are useless, they will breakdown, and then, how are you going to get the information you need when there is a blackout?!?!
Well, because we then had a caravan hire and repair business, and I love my king husband, I had to have a crash course in learning the darn thing, and started to slowly understand..... after a very long time, and my DS helping me ever so patiently.
Fast forward to 2003/2004....I protested when king W wanted to put the internet on, saying that there were a lot of marriages breaking up because of it and I didn't want the kids exposed to all the "bad" stuff on there....blah blah blah.
I was then soothingly told that, just like the television' channels, you can choose what you look at and where you go in there, and then had a flashback to a conversation in 1994/95 with a wise white-bearded man called Steven (he use to be in the 'Orange People' following in New Zealand....have lost contact with him a long time ago....last seen in Murwillumbah, have a cuppa and intelligent conversation in a small fruit & vegie shop own by Alex, or "Lecko") that the whole world is going change and do business and correspondence with the internet, and if we don't learn how to use it, then we are going to be labelled as 'village idiots' because this is going to be a very efficient way of doing things. Even though in my mind I was semi-skeptical, I was also fascinated by this newfandangled technology.

When it did come to Australia, and when it was more popular, I kept hearing about all the 'bad stuff' about it and assumed the worst. Boy, was I wrong about that one!!!!!! Yes, there are bad things happening in cyberspace-world, but like I was told previously, we choose what goes in front of us.
It has made letterwriting for my family explode!!! We are now sending emails to France, New Zealand, Tonga, America...everywhere. and they arrive at the speed of I don't know it light? Is it sound? No, it's SuperEmail, coming through the ether or whatever it is it goes through....still a learner on that bit ;)

My Dad, who everytime ( once in a blue moon ) wrote a letter to family, was told it was going to rain heavy because a miracle happened...."he wrote a letter!!!!" of those things that happens to most members on his side of the family....we use to call it the "family writing curse" where they were allergic to picking up a pen to write on get frequent emails ... and ..... they even chat on MSN Messenger... hurray for the internet, it has broken the "Writing Curse" of our family...hee hee!

OK...time to get back to my amazing business and go for my goals .... going to Acapulco, Mexico and Hawaii this year and also going to set up a charity to help orphanges around the world....starting with two so far, one in Sienna and the other in Uganda (Watoto)!!!! you all know, so I am accountable to you as well!

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