Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Australia Day!!!

As I sit here in bed, in my morning unmade-up face, with my eyes only-just in front of my face, I am writing a draft copy of today's blog in my physical paper notebook, and am listening to the gentle rain sprinkling like a heavy fog on the tin roof of this farmhouse.
Ribbitting in my earholes, are also super happy frogs who are living in our old rusty water-tanks ..... yep, we is drinking froggy water here, but I try not to think of that bit of reality (real tea :P ) when I drink a glass of water from it at the kitchen sink....we will very soon purchase a water filter for it!!!

The crickets are chirping, trying to compete with the morning twittering of the birds out there in the surrounding trees. The puppies and cats have been fed, and now I sit here, in bed again, having had woken up my king W. with his first cup of coffee of the morning. He is not quite fully awake yet, with his still-full cuppa precautiously leaning on an angle in his semi-relaxed hand. I tell him nicely and kindly to be aware of the cuppa in his hand and to try not to spill it on the bed, but, because he is semi-comatozed, or half-asleep, all I get is one of those male-morning-grunts, which I assume means; "Yes, I won't spill it."...... I guess one day he will understand the full meaning of "Early to bed, early to rise...etc"

Yesterday, Darling Son and king W. got my old computer going properly, all sped up and whatever else they did to it to make it better, after it died from the previous lightning/ thunderbolt. In his spare time, DS aims to build one of those super-duper computers with multi-screens on one large monitor screen.....can't wait to see the resulting project.

Ex-husband came over yesterday morning...we picked him up from Darling Daughter's place, where he was staying over for a visit and catching up with the kids and his mokopuno (grandchild in Moari,) and then had lunch with us.
In the afternoon, he politely asked me to cut his hair. .... he loved the outcome and the look, which was exactly what he asked for. He never complained at all this time around, during the course of the haircutting.....I hadn't cut his hair for nearly 12 years or so...guess he must be feeling grateful at last. It was a really nice day catching up with all of us.

Well, now that I have a few more minutes up my sleeve, and this Australia Day is not too busy....decided to stay at home this time.....I will write out some hints and tips for going PowerWalking out in the Australian countryside....from my experience...this is not an expert's advice. I'm cheating a bit because I had already written them down previously the day just after my first blog here, so I would have more space in my brain for other things and brilliant ideas ;)


~ If walking by yourself, take a dog with you that is a non-chaser of sheep and cattle for company, and for safety.

~ Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses...and a good sunscreen if it is later on in the day.

~ Bring water for hydration and weightlifting.

~ When breathing, breathe through your nose, or, if you still want to breathe through your mouth, clench your teeth together to act as a filter for the flies and bugs out usually get an entourage of them around your head and hitch-hiking on your back, going family fly-walk with you :))

~ If you see a snake, come to a gentle stop, let it pass, and then slowly and quietly continue your walk, gradually building up your speed, and pray like crazy that it isn't following you!

~ Wear loose and comfortable clothes.

~ Never, ever go for long powerwalks wearing sandals...especially if you are overweight....or you might develop Plantar happened to me and it is extremely painful! Wear proper fitting jogging or walking shoes.

~ Using my stepping as rhythm beats, I have lately been using affirmations such as "Everyday in everyway, I'm getting better and bet-ter....." alternating with ".......I'm getting smarter and smar-ter." The bolded bits are every second stepping-beat.

~ If you are a brave soul and don't give a frog's poop about what other people are thinking of you, where a fly-net over your hat and head....this method eliminates the accidental snorting of flies up your nostrils, or down your throat, as you breathe inwards.

~ You may use this quiet time to yourself to plan things, to talk with God, for reflecting on your life or whatever. If your are going to be planning things, bring along a little voice recording device - I use the voice recording function on my mobile-cell phone, well, it is there for a reason and I might as well use it.

The road was too wet & boggy to walk this morning for my morning has been for a couple of days, and as a peri-menopausal chickeedee, I am feeling it and missing it. Really, the truth is that I have no excuse ...I have an ancient excersise bike which my parents gave us a while ago that they purchased from a Trash & Treasure Market.....and I should get on it, rain or shine...especially rain :)

Our full-length mirror in the bedroom told me some living truth when we first moved in here.....gave myself a fright, standing there, naked before the giant mirror.... and wondering how could I have let myself go to such a bad state?!?!
I then made a commitment to myself...and now the whole world, thanks to try to get back to my proper measurements. This is not for looking "Hot" in a bikini...I don't own one anyways..... this is because of my family history of onset diabetes and heart problems and I also want to stay fit so I can chase the grandkids around without huffing and puffing like a heiffer cow!

Well, better get other things done.....maybe the bicycle?......the rain has stopped and clearing with blue patches dancing around & through the clouds and the birds are excitingly swooping on the helpless bugs and grubs, telling me I should be off my derriere!!!

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