Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well, Here Goes!

This is the progress in the life of a French/Italian/Russian grandmother living in the rural area of South East Queensland, Australia, and all the nutty things going on to make this life interesting and forward-moving in the direction of my life goals, which I will share some of them with youse at a later date.

I am also letting you all know how much possible it is for me, a forty eight year old grandmother of one (and another in May-June,) to fight past all these pity parties, feelings of inadequacies, the joys and the sadness, and the strength gained from hardships and friends' loyalty and love...not to take away from the strength and faith in God which keeps me going.

Having just moved in here, where the mice and rats had wild parties, there was a lot of cleaning up to do....and still between looking after my little grandson of two and a half, looking after my husband, King Willem and his needs, as well as trying to run my new business, is Full!!! And now, this Blog....hehe...need to learn to organize my time..and space....maybe the famous Peter Walsh might want to drop in this old farmhouse and give me some tips ;) Had I had more time to pack, I would have thrown out or given away half my stuff and travelled lighter....I am liking this idea of the minimalist look, but it might not happen whilst the King Willem is still a Bower Bird, keeping this or that, as it might come in handy one day!!!! Oh, frog's poop....if we ever need it, we will be able to afford it real soon!

The rain has finally come tonight, the water tanks are filling up nicely and the frogs are delighted...having a really hopping happy time :))

I had to stick the poor scared puppies in the laundry as they didn't know what was happening with all this water coming out of the sky....they were born in the last half of December and have never seen rain! One belongs to my 21 yr old Darling Son and the other one was kept because King Willem felt sorry for it being the last one, so we got her for a playmate to our dog, Blondie...she is disgusted with the new additions...they look like giant rats to her and runs away from them when they want to play ankle-biting with her....I guess she will get use to them ..eventually.

Just learned a few things about Power Walking in the Australian countryside yesterday, but will give youse a list of dooes and don'ts tomorrow...or when I can get back on this blog.

Also, later on, will write about some great inspirational quotes and things that helped me through some "stuff" that went on in my crazy life, and more adventures that makes up my Nutty Life.

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