Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bicycles, Dingoes and Kissed by a Wasp...

Thought I might share my achievment of the day with you all......I have finally gone back to riding my bicycle, which was feeling all lonely, neglected and sad looking, with flat tyres and dust on its black handle bars.
I got the tyres all pumped up and ready to go, and put it back in the laundry, where it sleeps.

After two thoughful days, I dusted it off and hopped on it, slowly and carefully riding around the house yard all wobbly like, seeing as it was a long time since I last rode it. Plus, being at home in the privacy of our yard meant that if I fell off, I would only fall on the soft grass and not make this crazy Nonna a fool of herself on the real hard road.

Today...this late afternoon, in the fading light of the day.... after chatting to my good friend overseas, got motivated (and pushed by my fitness coach-like son) to go out and give it a go.

I only went for one kilometre & a bit and back again, as it was getting dark and didn't feel like bumping into any dingoes or startled kangaroos up the road. The puppies were barking upon hearing me crawl back home with jelly legs....must have sounded like a heavy breathing heifer to them!!!

Listening to my motivating CDs helps me to overcome quite a few things that were blocking me from going forward in my life, but now, they seem to be getting better. For a start, I just discovered today I am over being scared of paper wasps as I moved through quite a few of them this morning, going inside the house...I actually got kissed by one!!!
Lucky my mouth was closed as I was breathing in!

Life is certainly not dull at the moment!

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