Monday, April 6, 2009

Trivial Knowledge

Here i am again, attempting to share my whacky thoughts with the world after a long break.....did you missed me?!?

I just found out, after being in Australia for 40 years, that the kangaroos of different genders have different names...either I didn't pay much attention at school or they don't teach you things like this in city schools..... male kangaroos are called "Boomers" and females are "Flyers" it pays to pay attention to little bits of information that passes your never know when you might be needing it....some kid doing their homework, an overseas friend wanting to know more about the wildlife or any other bits and pieces of your country's particular details or even just suddenly getting invited to a Trivia Night, having no time for your brain to soak up the encyclopaedia in order to impress your partner or friend.... mind you, you really have to be present in your life to do that, apart from all the day-to-day things happening in your personal and business life! That's why some companies put these sort of bits of information on their everyday products...if you look carefully at them to see if they have them.... especially the women's personal products...educating the women of the world, one at a time!

Another thing I have learnt is that the scales underneath a snake is called "scutes" I guess whoever made that word for for them was thinking of a snake just scootin' around on these funny things! :)) ........ ok, so I am in a kooky mood, LOL!!

Alright, on that note, I shall scoot outa here and make some yummo diet for me!

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