Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Sloshy Brain

I just read that our brains are 74% water....can you imagine how much the moon is influencing us?!?!?! What with the high tides and other phases of the moon, it is a wonder people go all "lunatic" on full moons and we sometimes feel like our brains are going to burst like a tight water balloon with the high least that's my excuse :))

That means that we can work out a way to "go with the flow" so to speak, drink more water to have the brain stay hydrated and the neurons working at their peak performance, and work in with nature, the moon's cycle and plan our activity around "her mood swings," so as to have a more efficient life..... breezing wait a minute....that's another subject....the butterfly and the hurricanes!

Today, Darling Son and I went to have coffee with my Darling Daughter at her place and I was observing her growing belly with the belly button popping up, and had this amusing image in my mind of her baby girl (yes, it is a 99% chance of a girl bubba) trying to blow a bubble to the outside world, making her presence known! Waiting for the end of May, early June for her to make her grand entrance into this wonderful and fascinating world....Ah...the imaginations!!!!

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