Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ex-Hubby in Watch-House

My funny ex-hubby came a-visiting this Sunday morning with morning tea in one hand and the next book for me to continue reading from the Ringing Cedar book series by Vladmir Megre … (I am borrowing from Anthony as he has the whole set, except book 4….and I am up to book 3.)

Joking around, I mentioned about the way the police came to his work to arrest him for not paying this particular debt that was incurred by the generosity of his heart to help out a woman he felt sorry for and helped to get her out of a so-called abusive relationship (which we found out later on that it was really the other way around and she just wanted to fleece another man….my ex….after being at his place for a few months, she cunningly got him to get a loan for her as he was working and she was on disability pension after twisting her foot tripping over her stinky cat which wasn’t suppose to be there in the first place…will explain more soon.)

He got taken away in the back of a police station wagon as if he was a dangerous criminal…he wouldn’t even hurt a fly…well he would but not a human!

After some questioning, they stuck him in a holding cell for a few hours, which I would imagine, to him would have seemed like a week!!! He tried to keep himself mentally occupied, then, out of the corner of his eye; he spotted something moving… it was a dead cockroach. On closer inspection from the hard bed he was sitting on, he focussed on the transport this creature was moving with…. It was an army of tiny little ants carrying it towards the escape hole in the corner of the wall of where the door was.

After much staring and amusing himself with nature’s entertainment, the mighty ant army came to a halt in the corner because they couldn’t get that cockroach through the little hole, which was a funny & fascinating sight. The little ants re-focused and nutted out how they were going to get their tasty morsel out of jail and into their nest, after a short while, they decided to re-group in different ways and actually tore the cockroach carcass into little pieces and pulled each tiny piece through the hole effortlessly!

As I was listening to him telling us about this experience of his, I couldn’t help chuckling away as I mentally visualised the look on the police-people’s faces as they looked in on him in the holding cell, either through the door or via one of those security cameras, whilst he was staring at the corner of the room….they must have been a bit perplexed, or maybe worried about the sad state of his mind, which was actually the opposite as he was just trying to occupy his thoughts to pass the time away and to keep himself sane from the thoughts of that “female” who made a mess of his life.

A short while before he was due to be let out, my son-in-law-to-be-made-official walked in to take him back to his car at work so they could go home…he lives with them until he finds himself a place of his own as he had left the other town where “she”, his nightmare, was living.

I will continue with the story of how this situation got to be in my next blog.

As for another one of my crazy menopausal symptoms, or is it just a getting older thing apart from changing subjects like a waffling scatterbrain…which I am not ;)

I was staring out the window the other day, wondering why the dogs were barking and worked out it was just a herd of cows making their way over closer to the fence… (we have moved onto another ex-dairy farm not far from the last one).

On the other side was what I thought to be a dead cow….I called king W to see it as I was worried about it and thought we had to somehow get in contact with the guy who leases the land around us. The king announced to me that it was a tree stump I was looking at, not a dead cow!!! Well, what a relief that was but at the same time, I was a bit concerned about my deteriorating vision.

The other similar incident happen when I thought, and mentioned to the king and kids in the back of the car, how cute those sheep were, all the same size and in a position like they were going to do some dancing…boy…. the laughter I got!!!

The “sheep,” from a distance, were really those big round bales of hay that have just been made, sitting peacefully without a care in the world, where they were made in the paddock at regular intervals….I do believe I am short-sighted after all….tried to be in denial… head in sand syndrome, thinking some eye exercise would fix the problem…now I have to go buy a pair of glasses!

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