Saturday, February 27, 2010

Late Blogs Coming Through...What a Time To Move!!!

What a time to move…what awful timing!!! There I was, hobbling about with my sore back, feeling sorry for myself and this silly monkey chatter in my mind getting louder and more negative until I remembered that I can get over it and “this too shall pass” when I shift my mind in a different gear….looking at the positive things around me rather than feeling frustrated that I cannot get much done and moving in slow motion, like this nightmare where you are trying to run from the boogeyman but cannot run fast – looking like the six million-dollar man running but without the speed and strength!

Packing up for the move was frustrating indeed as I thought we had another few months up our sleeves and had time to declutter more, or at least do the minimalist thing, however, because farmhouses are as rare as hen’s teeth around here, we had to snap this one up…too good to pass up….and just packed up all the old stuff which was meant to be sorted out, so now I will have to do this over this side of the move, more time consuming but less stuff in the end result – less is more!

This place is exactly what I was visualising previously when we found out we had to move – a nice house with mountain view on a hill…cause I am short (or, vertically-challenged as my security-guard brother says!!!) and need to see some kind of nice view and since we are landlocked and cannot see the ocean, which I dearly miss, the mountains are the next nice alternative…..and I can pretend the pacific ocean horizon lies over the mountains… truly, not fibbing…its just that it is a long way away…like about a few hours as the crow flies or 4 - 5 hours as the King drives depending on if he decides we should have a peepee break (or do they nicely call it “comfort break”?) The other obvious reason for the hill is that I am not too fond of floods.

As I packed and gently moved things….don’t worry, this little Babushka made sure the heavy stuff was lifted by the strong guys around the place… I did my back-stretching exercises, positive mental attitude and made sure I didn’t overdo things….and it is paying off! I still have a niggly back…pinched kidney nerve plus sciatica, however, it is slowly going and I will slowly increase my movements and will soon be doing some Zumba!!! Hee hee!!!

I have an A4 poster inside my pantry door, where I see it everyday - it is a silhouette of a slim lady on a hill with her arms triumphantly up in the air, with dumbbells in her hands….underneath the photo, I wrote “SuperNonna!!!” to motivate this menopausal Nonna-Babushka into getting as fit as possible for the grandbabies and especially for myself….cause I’m worth it….if we don’t look after ourselves, we cannot have enough strength and stamina to look after our loved ones….. I made the mistake of letting myself go…pretty much a sin, considering French women don’t get fat….unless she gets taken away from her French environment and lose her French ways, trying to assimilate herself in a different culture where the food and lifestyle is different….but really…there are no excuses…..I emotionally ate my way to where I am but not staying in this blubber-body…and yes, it will be like pushing an elephant up the hill to get menopausal lady to trim down but not impossible! I am thinking of making a photo blog about this…maybe take a photo each day in the same pose and fast forward them like animated pictures moving in the corner of an exercise book as you flip its corner pages….should I be so daring?!?!?! 

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