Saturday, February 13, 2010

Green Frog & The Microwave

OK…here I am again, this time, not promising to be regularly on every day until I work out this internet signal thingy where we have moved as we have no signal, well, we kind of do if you point the cell-mobile phone in a certain direction and catch the wave…now I see where they get the term “surfing the web” but in our case, it is actually catching the mobile/internet signal, but it isn’t strong enough or long lasting enough to do longer then two or three minutes of internet work …probably will get satellite internet as soon as we settle in….. but for nowadays, might just have to type it out and save it for when I am near an internet connected computer/laptop.

The house is roomy enough and has beautiful mountain views – and it comes with lots of wind…good for drying the clothes and drying your hair “a la naturel” ….just stick your wet head out the door, slide your fingers through your wet hair a few times (or get your darling to do it for you) and “voila!” – your hair is dried in no time at all, thanks to mother nature!

At the last house we were in, the old dairy farmhouse, we had this cute green frog that adopted us and lived in between the fridge and microwave (don’t like microwave ovens after finding out the stuff it does to the molecular structure of food…[another blog entry about it soon]) and was a good weather indicator as not long after it croaked loudly, we knew it was going to rain…..and it did, 99.9% of the time….got to pay attention to nature!

Anyways, I named it Fredo and when we had to move, King Willem was all sad as we had to leave this Fredo behind. I carefully carried it outside and stuck him/her near water and green grass so it can go play with the other green frogs whilst we move the furniture and whitegoods.

Fast forward to a few days, last week, I went into our new kitchen for a drink of H2O in the middle of the night, and lo and behold, who did I see out of the corner of my eye but Fredo …. I wasn’t too sure if it was him/her so I called King Willem over and he reckoned it was Fredo….he must have hitchhiked here with the fridge, probably in the back where he wasn’t noticed. In the morning, I went to see under the microwave oven to check if I hadn’t had a dream or wasn’t sleep-drinking, and sure enough, it was really Fredo, in his usual cubby-hole space where he stays there during the day until we go to sleep at night, and then he ventures out to find some bugs or whatever adventure he is up to……maybe his date didn’t work out for him in the wild! Well, I call it a he as it is easier to type and Fredo is a male name…. as in the chocolate Fredo frog! Will take a photo of him soon!!!

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