Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Body Blushing - Don't Read This If You Get Offended by Real Life!

Well....I am thinking that I may be at the door-step of this thing they call "Menopause" ....a term I use to say I was in when my ex and I separated nearly every two years...."In Between Husbands" that lasted eleven years...or something like that....anyhows, I have been reading a bit on what I am going to go through at this stage of my life, being peri-menopausal - about the mood swings, hot flushes, etc.

My mother couldn't help me much as she was fortunate enough not to have gone through most of these symptoms when it was her turn to become the ultimate beautiful woman-mother that she is....and is still crazy too...that is genetics...lucky to have this kooky traits from both sides....Papa is just as kooky as my Maman!

For the last few days, I have been feeling like I am blushing for no particular reason.....all over my body, but not the night-sweaty thing! I tried to think back to see if I had had a naughty thought or two, but not to my recollection - they just come visiting me whenever they like....when I am doing the laundry, washing the dishes, organizing business, talking with friends and colleagues on the msn messenger thingy...and no, we weren't writing about anything that would make me blush!!!

So, I have decided that this phenomenon called hot flushes, or "Big Body Blushes" ... are just God's way of giving me big warm hugs to let me know that it is alright, I will get through this stage of adjustment and to Welcome me into the new life-stage of Womanhood!

Something had changed in me...ever since I got into my BF program, I am losing fears and phobias right, left and centre!!! My confidence is growing but still have to shut that monkey-chatter up in my head from time to time ....the one that the old me use to listen to AND believe all the lies that it was telling, thanks to what I am doing, I know better and get to stick some virtual duck-tape on its mouth :))

My daughter took me shopping last week and went to park her car at the shopping an underground, the old me would have panicked, having being claustrophobic, gone clammy and would have pleaded with her to park in the open car-park, but this time, all fear was gone and I was calm and shocked by my new-found confidence and serenity! All thanks to BF!

OK ...that's it for now until my next crazy thoughts or adventure in this little corner of the world of mine! Have yourselves a magnificent day!

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  1. As a man nearly sixty, I enjoyed your article. My wife is also having "body blushes" and I shared this with her. It is a good thought.

    Pastor Mike and Marisol Sheffield
    Santiago, Chile